Skilled & Long Term Nursing Care

The nursing staff are professionally trained in areas such as: 24 Hour Licensed Nursing Care 24 Hour Physician Services Wound Care Feeding Tubes IV Administration Palliative Care Nutritional Management Pain Management Medication Administration  

Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s disease affects over 5 million people of all ages in the United States. Here at the Center on Aging and Health we strive to understand this devastating disease and the challenges that go with it. We provide specialized training to our staff in the care of Alzheimer’s and related diseases. Our unit has 18 […]

Adult Day Care & Respite Care

Adult Day Care and Respite Care provide caregivers time off and residents enjoyable visits with us. This is a full time program with optional evenings and weekends.


What is COPD? When you breathe, air travels through tubes in your lungs—called airways—to millions of tiny air sacs. In a healthy lung, the airways are open and the air sacs fill up with air. Then the air goes quickly out. COPD makes it hard to get air through the airways and into and out […]

Pet Therapy

The ability of animals to love unconditional makes humans want to connect with them in a way that strengthen and nurtures both the person and the animal. For years researchers have told about the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of having pets. Physical Benefits Include: Lower blood pressure Stress relief Diminishes physical pain Emotional Benefits […]

Intergenerational Therapy

Visitors of all ages bring new life to our facility.