About Us

It is our vision to be recognized as a leader in the long term care industry – inspiring residents, their families and employees to break the chains of traditional thinking.

Our philosophy encourages :

  • Empowered residents
  • Innovative approaches to care
  • Awareness of family needs
  • Specialized training in the aging process



“Center on Aging and Health has been a blessing to my family. I no longer have to worry about my mom being alone, possibly falling, not eating well or taking her medicines properly. The staff at COA is there for her and any need that might arise. The activities that are available, the interaction of the staff, the entertainment and celebrations really keep her mind alert. She loves the attention they give her and there is no price I can put on peace of mind the for my family. Thanks a million time over COA! You provide a great service to our family.”

– Eddie

“I have peace of mind knowing that my mom is well taken care of. I know that she sleeps in a clean bed, has three healthy meals a day, is given her medicines when needed and given her baths safely. Mom has made friends with the staff, nurses, CNA’s, RN’s and other residents. I love to see her laugh and enjoy herself. It is a blessing to me to visit with everyone at COAH, but especially the residents. It warms my heart.”

– Diane

For the past 18 months my husband has been a resident at the Center On Aging And Health. The care, concern and love he has received has been exceptional. It gives our family great satisfaction to know that he is in such a wonderful environment. Thank you to those involved in his daily life.

– Marilyn

It means the world to me to know that my mom is well taken care of at the Center on Aging and Health.  I was a CNA for 3 1/2 years and know how difficult it can be.  The staff here is excellent from top to bottom.  They are loving, caring, and attentive.  I thank God for her good care.

– Gary